Alaska General Assembly

of the
Church of God

Family Camp Rules

1)   Speed limit is 5mph, please drive with care.
2)   All guests please register with the office.
3)   Parents - please be responsible for you children and belongings.
4)   Parents - it is your responsibility to watch your children at the lakefront.  The lifeguard is there for rescue and safety concerns only.
5)   No pets are permitted on the campgrounds.
6)   ALL boaters must wear a personal floatation devise.
7)   No boats with motors are permitted on the lake.
8)   Boating and the lakefront are CLOSED during services - please inform your children.
9)   Children are to be inside their sleeping quarters and quiet by 10:30pm.
10) NO smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs permitted on the campgrounds
11) Above all, please act in a Christ-like manner as you interact with those both here at Family Camp and within the community of Neklason Lake.  Jesus said it best in John 15:12 "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."