Alaska General Assembly

of the
Church of God


Kingdom Builders

Alaska General Assembly sponsored ministry seeking funding, donations and gifts at all levels, both designated and undesignated to ensure ministry support in future years to come.

Ministry Focus:

  • support for developing new or expanding existing ministry efforts;

  • evangelism and outreach ministries, such as but not limited to:

    • providing specialized opportunities and sharing the Gospel in cross-cultural, low-income communities

    • new start first-time worship facilities/congregations

    • new branches or satellite ministries stemming from existing ministries

    • establishing collaborative ministry efforts

    • support educational development and growth opportunities

Looking for Funding?
Submit a detailed Letter of Inquiry that demonstrates the following:
Detailed description and scope of the ministry project

Include the target audience and demographic details

Include goals, objectives, and intended impact

• Include a detailed project plan that includes project dates and key timeline benchmark dates
Include the requested amount

Include a detailed budget itemizing both income and expense amounts and funding sources
• Include a detailed fundraising plan

Demonstrate that the board and congregation have a strong commitment for the project
• Demonstrate that the board and congregation have supported the project financially

• Demonstrate that the project is sustainable over multiple years

Letters of Inquiry may be submitted to